The Grand Arbour for The Community Garden

Grand Arbour Sketch.jpg

The Grand Abour was constructed by DaSRA as aprt of the funding obtained for the 1st stage of the upgrade of the area. This area around the Grand Arbour was designed to take the Community Garden area

David Grant who headed up the DaSRA Lamp Sub Committee who looked after the Skaet Parke , Pump Track & Grans Arbour construction


On The 26th September 2021 saw all his efforts and the sub committee team on display the Open Day which was A CELEBRATION of the New Community Garden Group and the completion of the Construction of the Skate Park, Pump Track & The Grand Arbour.


Special thanks to David and the DaSRA Lamp Sub Committee team of Trish Cook, Sonja Parker, Michelle Jessop, Nathan Thompson and Allan Woodward, DaSRA Chair Geoff Barker and Landscape Architect Gerry Healy plus the valuable assistance from David Lavell for his tireless pro bono engineering advice.


Thanks also to the Motivation Foundation which is run by Committee member Tim Hunter for their earth-moving contribution and contractors Vogels Building, Common Ground and Hot Chilli Trails.

Grand Arbour Open.JPG