DaSRA is happy to acknowledge our two local members[State and federal] regarding the confirmation of two grants towards the new Pavilion:

  1. Many thanks to Matthew Hughes MLA Member for Kalamunda for his assistance in securing the $100,000 grant from the Labour Government’s ‘Local Projects Local Jobs’ scheme, and in such a timely manner.

  2. Also thanks to Ken Wyatt AM MP, Member for Hasluck in approving a ‘Solar Communities’ Grant from Federal Government to the value of $11,300.00 to install a Solar System on the roof of the new Pavilion

Appreciation to the Shire of Mundaring OCuncil DaSRA now has a Lease for the new building with the Council’s approval of a 12 year lease and the formal Signing of the lease with the Shire of Mundaring. This will now enable DaSRA to access the Lotterywest Grant of $275,000.

In-Kind Support

This community project could not survive without the involvement of local and in-kind support of people like: David Lavell [Engineer], Paul McDonald [Architect], John Angell [Earthmoving] who undertook the initial earthworks. Also M & A Builders who have been working closely with DaSRA to achieve cost savings. There are many more who we will acknowledge their in-kind contributions in future articles.

Site Update

Builders contract has been signed; Pad for stage one is complete; Old Veranda removed, Concrete footings for new veranda in place, and the concrete slab expected during the week of June 19.

Disruptions to toilets, changerooms and canteen are no longer an issue as septic work has been completed and is operational.

At our meeting on 8th June, Architect Paul McDonald showed samples of tiles, bricks and colours in keeping with the Darlington Precinct Plan and Mundaring Shire’s maintenance requirements.

Expected completion date : It is expected stage one works will be completed by October 30th unless weather and unexpected building delays occur.

Future Plans :

It is planned to have Urban Art on one external wall as a feature. DaSRA is interested in hearing from local groups for ideas.

Budget and Fund Raising

Even with the grants mentioned above we are currently short approximately $83,000.00 so PLEASE SUPPORT this long awaited community project by:

Buying a brick – limited number available so be quick, names will be featured on a virtual wall.

Upcoming Events - Support forthcoming fundraising events including: the Quiz Night 26th August 2017, the Major Raffle and the Wine Tent at the Darlington Arts Festival 4-5 November 2017.

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