Paving Done but Minor Setback to Funds

Since its inception 3 years ago DaSRA'S running costs, including bank charges, insurance, postage and accounts amounts to $3,000 per annum (under $10,000 in total!). An outstanding achievement for a committee who raised $625,000 for construction of stage 1 of the new Pavilion, now being used by local sport and community clubs.

DaSRA is an umbrella organisation which emerged from the Mundaring Shire regulated, Darlington Community Recreation Management Committee (DCRMC) now the Darlington Community Recreation Advisory Group (DCRAG) and operates purely for the benefit of local Sport and Recreation clubs. It's members receive no financial benefit but are committed community volunteers hell bent on delivering quality facilities in the district!

Committee members (past and present) all have businesses, careers and families, yet found countless unpaid hours, some over 10 years, to make Stage 1 a reality. Many expenses were, and continue to be, paid by the committee themselves.

DaSRA set a precedent with the Darlington Community Pavilion project which is widely acknowledged as an example of what can be achieved by a determined and committed group of individuals in partnership with Government and community.

Having negotiated a 12 year lease on behalf of local clubs with the Shire of Mundaring, DaSRA is required to ensure lease conditions are met by users of the Pavilion and we ask the community and users to respect and acknowledge its achievements and responsibilities.

Pavilion Lighting Issue - Members of DaSRA met with the owners of 98 Darlington Road recently to discuss their concerns regarding outdoor lights impacting on their lifestyle. Security is essential and a requirement by the Shire and DaSRA however we have agreed to a 50% luminescent reduction of the rear external lights. The time setting for night time use will also be adjusted to reduce glare from the facility.

Scoreboard - Ant from A & M Stonemasons has donated 2 days labour to create a stonework feature and it has been suggested it be used for a new Scoreboard with stone piers with a seat.

Projector/Screen Offer : Many thanks to the Darlington Junior Football Club who have offered to install a projector/screen for use by all. At its meeting on 10th May, the committee accepted this generous offer to be maintained and installed in accordance with Shire's lease requirements.

Paving Busy Bee :

By the time you read this, a busy bee will have occurred to remove the paving in front of the old building and new paving laid to match Stage 1. This is no light-weight busy bee! The heavy equipment to cut and break up the existing slab, load and deliver old pavers, spread base and sand plus labour is all being donated by Aaron Trew and his construction crew. Thank you to Aaron and his crew. Thanks also to the volunteers who helped remove the old bricks.

Funding for Stage 2 - We hope to raise funds ($400,000) for Stage 2 of the project but with only $19,000 in the bank and $35,000 worth of debt fundraising is urgent. Unfortunately our submission to Dept. of Sport & Recreation was unsuccessful due to stiff competition. The fundraising committee are diligently applying for funding grants and we are very appreciative of the support from local MP's Hon. Mathew Hughes MLA and Hon. Ken Wyatt MP in this regard.


Contact Cambell Giles on 0418 936 544 or see details on the website at website - Buy-A-Brick.

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