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We are underway with the start of Stage 2 of the Pavilion.

BUT not all the upgrading can be done because we are still short of around $120,000 in cash.

Through the persistence and energy of the DaSRA Committee and the generosity of a Darlington community resident [who has loaned DaSRA some money to get the project going] the work on upgrading and extending the changerooms has started.

The parts that cannot be included at this point are the upgrade of the Canteen and the Joining of the two buildings.

SO NOW IS THE TIME to make donations of building materials and trade involvement so that the Builder can include them in his program/contract to help reduce the project cost. KNOW ANYONE WHO MIGHT HELP

Such donations are now urgently required.

We have a very cooperative Builder in Patton Building [Nigel Armstrong and his two sons] who have agreed to this but now is the time.

Please call Geoff Barker 0418 953 176 - geoff@pmdwa.com if you have any suggestion on whom we can call .

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