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Our garden needs YOU!. Green thumbs, keyboard warriors and big hearts; Apply here!

Darlington Community Gardens - 2nd Annual Meeting - 3-5 pm at Darlington Hall on Sunday 20 October 2019

New members will be eagerly welcomed. Come along to Darlington Hall on Sunday 20 October and be a part of this group which is working to lease the land and get the garden up and running.

Wouldn't it be great to join something right at the beginning? The 2nd annual meeting but it is still in its infancy. Get to meet some new faces and realise that one day you will look back and know that you helped to create a lasting amenity for all to enjoy. A garden filled with fruit trees and butterflies, shady benches and rocky outcrops. Sold? Come along and be a part of this marvelous venture.

And on Saturday 26 October come along to the Community Bonfire.

Events start at 3 - 5 pm with Local youth bands, skateboard and scooter competitions, demos and lessons.

There will be mudplay too

6-9 pm the Bonifire, BBQ, Pizza and music take place. All of this is safely overseen by the DVBB who keep us safte.

Thank you to volunteers and to our sponsors @Shire of Mundaring, Helena College, Darlington Volunteer Bushfire Brigade and The Darlington Review.

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